Vaastu Science

Vaastu Science

When we look around us, we are surprised and a question arises in our mind,

“What is this power that runs this well planned system”? Though we give it different names.


But this is actually the power of


VAASTU is the creator, Foster and Destroyer

You already live in a Vaastu system, wrong or right.

Vaastu is a combination of

Object | Place | Direction | Time

Vaastu compline: combination of systems that are In Tune with the Natural Law Based Design.

Every object in this universe has its own gravitational force, which binds the whole universe together. Everything is moving; it has its own place and position. Any change in its position can change its effect. Astrology can predict about effect of time (Past, Present and future) on the basis of the changing planetary (VAASTU) positions but any change occurring in the Vaastu system can change that prediction.

Hence you can change your DESTINY by making changes in your Vaastu system.