Vaastu Science

Long time research & development has proved its accuracy. Systems and their results show that Vaastu is a science, irrespective of castes, religions, emotions and all superstition; this science is related to nature. Nature’s laws are too cruel. They don’t ignore our mistake. Nature affects only natural things.

Every object in this universe has its own gravitational force, which binds the whole universe together. Everything is moving; it has its own place and position. Any change in its position can change its effect.Astrology can predict about future on the basis of the changing planetary (UNIVERSAL VAASTU) positions but any change occurring in the Vaastu system can change that prediction. Hence you can change your future by making changes in your Vaastu system.

we are living in two type of vaastu system one is universal vaastu system and second is earth vaastu system, universal vaastu system we cant chang and earth vaastu system we can change and make our self.we know today universal vaastu system as a bhagya, destiny,etc thrue astrology sciene!

Universal vaastu system and earth vaastu system affect accordingly.
As par Hindu mythology “universal vaastu effects are made by our act may present or past” this is not mythology this is true and tested by astrology and vaastu science, this science declare results are received accordingly act,

This science teaches how to make act.
When born any life do first act shelter him self, if this is wrongly done
then results are very cruel and if done rightly results are very good,
so knowingly or unknowingly we settle our vaastu is the first act on the earth.